Now you can experience online the same education that we provide in our simulator.

Whether you are wanting to experience this education yourself, with your family, with a group of friends, or are an instructor wishing to organize a class of students, you now can do so from the comfort and convenience of your location. Together with our subject matter experts you will learn during your online session concepts and techniques that are essential to firearms self defense.

JTI employs online technology to bring you live, interactive, lifesaving education. This is also perfect for organizations considering the purchase of a simulator to be used in retail operations.

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We bring the same scenarios used in our virtual-reality simulator to you wherever you are by using live, interactive online technology.
You need only an online computer and a phone, or a mobile device with phone capability. No other special equipment is needed. You will be live online with subject matter experts to dissect and discuss use-of-force scenarios just as you'd do in the simulator.
Dynamic Multi-Threat Exercises For Situational Awareness
(used in virtual reality simulator only)
Traditional Range Exercises
(used in virtual reality simulator only)
Decision Making Scenario Videos - 3 of about 200
(used in virtual reality simulator & online session)
Shoot / No Shoot Reactive Exercises
(used in virtual reality simulator only)
A Sample Video Scenario

In this scenario a young lady approaches you and asks for help. There are many decision opportunities in this scenario.  You and a JTI subject expert will guide your students through them during your online session. Play the video through and see if you can identify at least 4 decision points and the options for action that each provide.
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