This page contains video scenarios that we will discuss and dissect during your online session.

You may play these videos from this page during your session, or you may download them onto your computer and play them from there during your session.
(We suggest downloading if you have slow internet.)

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Have this page open or your downloaded videos ready to play at the start of session.
This is scenario #1 / scene #1. Play this and other scenes when instructed.

You have arrived at home expecting nobody to be inside. You see that the front door is open. You approach.
This is scenario 1 / scene 2.

You enter the open front door, but stop when you hear a noise coming from the kitchen which is ahead of you.
This is scenario 1 / scene 3.

A stranger is in your kitchen.
Scenario 1 / scene 4.

This is the conclusion chosen by the instructor for the homeowner who is incapacitated by fear and panic, and is unable to effectively evaluate options.
decision making
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