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(866)  466 - 2026
It used to be that a number of professionals (pilots, police, military) would not survive an emergency despite possessing the skill to do so. Why? It turns out that the application of skill when it is most needed is a decision-making process and not just a skill-based exercise. Thus, there is a big difference between normal-operations training (possessing a skill) and emergency-operations (applying a skill).

Firearms owners cannot learn at a live-fire range how to defend themselves in an emergency. But by using virtual reality they can. Most critical professions use virtual reality for learning skill application. Now firearms owners using virtual reality can obtain the same benefit.

The decision-making model used by JTI got its start in aviation during the 1980s. JTI's founder is a co-author for that initiative which is now in use world-wide. He has introduced and adapted that decision-making model to many other activities and industries since then to include military, medical, trucking, marine, and law enforcement. Interest in critical decision-making skill is common. It is not complicated.